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We are your contact person in all matters relating to your health, cosmetics and food supplements. Willem Frans Daems: The technical terms "Apoteca and" apotecarius in the Middle Ages. Publications of the International Society for the History of Pharmacy, New Edition, 8 (1956), pp 39-52. We are excellent! We are a participating pharmacy LINDA Service Champion! The award of the LINDA pharmacies in Service & Consulting located on a sticker directly on our storefront. This medicine may be used in children under 2 years subject to medical instruction,.

Upon co-administration of triptans and herbal preparations containing St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum), may be more common side effects. Consult your doctor if weakness and loss of coordination occur. After Update: Unfortunately, the app no ​​longer synchronizes own medication with other iOS devices under the same account.

Not everyone has the Muse, daily or several times a week to go to a gym to exercise. However, a certain amount of daily exercise is extremely important to stay healthy. At least one to two times a week should be a part of the free time devoted to the sport. Swimming, jogging or cycling are generally anywhere at any time. The biggest enemy is often the voice inside - rather even let the vehicle stand and walk the short distance on foot.

The laboratory program for pharmacy provides you in a matter of seconds all the information that you need in laboratory and formulation. If you look for the test method for clotrimazole or the stability data of erythromycin: a few clicks you have all the information at hand. Please inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or have recently taken, even if it is not other medicines.

With abrupt withdrawal after prolonged high-dose, incorrect use of analgesics headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, nervousness and autonomic symptoms may occur. This Absetzsymptomatik subsides within a few days. Until then, the recapture is omitted of painkillers and not be re-taken without medical advice.

With our new Roger Gallet lounge also dive into the world of perfumes and sophisticated toiletries. The lounge is enhanced by a wide range of cosmetic products, which we will hold in our pharmacy for you. Workforce We visit together training, research information, advice, order drugs, admit shelves and decorate storefront. All with a smile for you.

Please tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking other medicines or have taken or applied until recently, even if it is not prescribed. After set up, you can register us as your starting pharmacy, do this, run the following code key: Baqu.

As approved German mail order pharmacy, it is the goal of modern health care with traditional pharmacy services, such as the manufacture of Particular person recipes to connect. Consulting, service and quality play an important role as well as the price advantage for the customer. This means for us as a pharmacy, among other things, that online orders and recipe orders are delivered usually within 2-3 business days Free Shipping from 20 €. Our On-line pharmacy is TÜV certified, offers secure online ordering and reliably delivers the goods ordered by you with the help of our logistics partner DHL.

Pharmacies may only be performed by a certified pharmacist. For four weeks professional year can, for example, due to illness or holiday of the pharmacist, carried a representation by a pharmacy engineer or a pharmacist assistant. in the absence of up to three months or in case of a main or hospital pharmacy representation is prescribed by a pharmacist.